Pub “Tramm nr 4” is located on the site of the former Dvigatel factory. This factory was built at the end of the 19th century to produce railway wagons and trams. In addition to Moscow and Khabarovsk, the trams completed here were moving on the streets of Tallinn for years. After the Second World War, Dvigatel became a classified factory, “Mailbox 130”. What was happening here was behind high walls, hidden from the eyes of the average citizens. Today, the giant Dvigatel was replaced by the modern City of Ülemiste. However, the connection with trams is permanent: to the pub Tramm nr 4. You can arrive with a tram bearing the same number. And that’s the right way You should come to the pub – by public transport, not by private car! 
We wish all visitors a good time in the tram pub!